Identity, Purpose and Destiny (Who am I?)

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Identity, Purpose and Destiny (Who am I?)

Tuesday Aug 2017 12:41 PM by William SunuWilliam Sunu

Who am I?

When I was a teenager in secondary school I heard my science teacher made this statement in response to the class misbehaving: “he who knows naught and knows not he knows naught is a fool. But he who knows naught and knows he knows naught is a wise man, please, follow him.”

That statement made a deep impression on my young mind and it led me on a quest for knowledge. Many years after first hearing that statement I have come to believe that knowledge is power but self knowledge is both powerful and liberating!

At a tender age of 12 our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ knew who he was and that he must be about his Father’s business. John tells us in his gospel (10:30) that Jesus claimed equality with God the father - ‘I and My Father are one’. In fact, so profound was Jesus’ knowledge of himself that he sometimes warns people he had healed not to disclose his true identity!

I once heard a preacher say that Jesus was effective in his ministry because he spent his first 30 years in obscurity to prepare for a public ministry that only lasted for roughly 3 years.

I wonder what my life and yours would be if we invested the first 20 years to prepare for the rest of our lives! Needless to say we would approach our life’s mission with laser focus resolve and determination to accomplish our God-given assignments.

We were created in the image and moral likeness of God but that image was marred by Adam’s sin. God in his mercy sent he son Jesus to die on the cross in our place and for us so we can be reconciled with God through the regeneration of work of the Holy Spirit.

To know who you are, you must be born again. Confess your sins to God and let him forgive and cleanse you. Jesus told Nicodemus that except one is born again he can not see the kingdom of God.

Our true identity is found in Christ Jesus. for He said in John 15 without me you can do nothing!

To accomplish anything that will be of lasting value in this world - we must be reconciled with God through his son Jesus Christ. Remember he who knows naught and knows he knows naught is wise!