Our Pastors

Rev. William Sunu
Founder & Senior Pastor

Rev. William Eli Sunu is a Bible teacher and communicator. He has a passion to bring the unsaved to salvation in Jesus Christ and challenge believers to live a deeper, meaningful Christian life.

Sam Addo

Meet Pastor Samuel Addo, a cherished member of our spiritual family and a guiding light in our community. Samuel’s journey is one deeply rooted in faith and devotion. Born and nurtured in a vibrant Christian Pentecostal home, his life has been a testament to the transformative power of love and the gospel from his earliest days.

Mrs. Agnes Sunu

Agnes Sunu, a Pastor an co- founder of Joy Christian Centre, became a born- again Christian in 1982 as a teenager and has faithfully walked with the Lord ever since.

Heads Of Department

Music Team Leaders
Lorraine, Paul, Mary-Ann & Deji

A unique group of people with diverse gifts and talents that have been brought together to lead worship and lift the name of Jesus in music.

Each of them have years of experience in the music ministry and their passion is to reveal Jesus.

Selase Sunu
Youth Leader

Selase is a passionate and dedicated Youth Leader with a heart for young people. Known for her creativity and energy, Selase is committed to providing engaging lessons and activities that help young people deepen their understanding of God. With a focus on building meaningful connections and fostering growth, Selase strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all youth in the community. Through her inspiring leadership, Selase empowers young people to explore their faith and navigate their spiritual journeys with confidence.

Paul Enyagberue
Pastoral Care

In 2008, Paul became a part of JCC and has remained an integral member of the music team. His deep commitment to hospitality and building connections with people positioned him perfectly to lead the pastoral care team.

Leveraging his expertise in health, social care, and counseling, Paul brings valuable contributions to our church family.