Welcome to the School of Prayer and Ministries at JCC! Our school is dedicated to providing in-depth theological education and equipping individuals with a solid foundation in biblical studies to understand the context in which the Word was written.

At the School of Prayer and Ministries, we believe that a thorough understanding of theology and biblical context is crucial for effective ministry and spiritual growth. Our curriculum delves into various theological topics, doctrines, and examines the societal context in which the scriptures were penned.

Through engaging classes, seminars, and resources, we aim to empower believers to deepen their knowledge of scripture, recognize and refute heretical teachings, and apply biblical truths to contemporary issues and challenges.

Our programs cover a wide range of theological subjects, including biblical interpretation, church history, systematic theology, apologetics, and more. Whether you’re exploring theology for the first time or seeking to enhance your understanding and application of biblical principles, there’s something here for everyone.

In addition to theological studies, we offer training in various ministry areas such as evangelism, discipleship, worship, and leadership. Our goal is to equip individuals with a robust theological foundation and practical ministry skills to effectively serve God and His people.

Join us as we journey together in exploring the depths of theology, understanding the context of scripture, and growing in our relationship with God. Together, let’s deepen our understanding of the Word and apply its timeless truths to impact the world around us for His kingdom.

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